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Presenting the Royal II!

Royal II Captain Takafumi Murofushi

A one-way trip takes only 30 minutes, but there’s lots of fun for people of all ages, including 3-D art and pirate statues.
Get creative and pose to create your very own commemorative photo on the Royal II.

Royal II Chief Engineer Takashi Watabe

The Royal II’s First Class Cabin is modeled after a French palace in an elegant white motif.
Enjoy your cruise around scenic Lake Ashi while gazing at the natural landscape and other cruise ships passing by from the bow of the ship.

Don’t miss the views of Mount Fuji in the first 3 to 5 minutes after departing Motohakone-ko

Vasa Captain
Hideyuki Kanizawakawa

Nothing can beat the view from the deck on a sunny day. My favorite sight is Mount Fuji. I never get tired of seeing the stunning beauty of Mount Fuji in front while we pass by the vermillion torii gate in the first 3 to 5 minutes after departing Motohakone-ko. Stay out on the deck to catch this gorgeous view, then have fun exploring the ship or relaxing with a hot beverage.

Experience 360 degrees of postcard-perfect views

The enduring beauty of Lake Ashi

Standby Captain  Tsuyoshi Hamano

Standby Captain Tsuyoshi Hamano

I grew up in Hakone and have enjoyed the scenery of Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji since I was a kid. I never get tired of looking at the unchanged landscape from Motohakone-ko.
If you cross Lake Ashi every day, every once in a while you get to see the rare sight of a snake or a deer swimming the lake in search of food. The natural landscape shows a different face each season, each with its own beauty to enjoy.

Enjoy watching other cruise ships pass by

  • Hydrangeas in full bloom create an exquisite atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a refreshing cruise in summer with pleasant breezes and cooler evenings.
  • Fall colors paint a vivid scene, with the rays of the setting sun adding to the fiery hues.
  • Gorgeous snow-covered mountains create the magical feel of a winter wonderland.

Take a photo of the cruise ship!

Hakone-machi Sales Office Sales staff Kazuma Ota

If you walk from Motohakone-ko toward Hakonemachi-ko, there is a spot where you can see Mount Fuji from the lakeside and the Peace Torii of Hakone-jinja shrine.
Onshi Park is a little farther along, which also offers stunning views.
Please take a walk in the beautiful natural surroundings when you come to Hakone!